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Playstation one best games

playstation one best games

It's the Sony PlayStation's 20th birthday today, so we thought we'd celebrate by agonising for weeks over its best games ever. We were left with only one choice: a vote. And when all the votes had been counted, this was. Here's our pick of the top 50 underappreciated PlayStation One games for the console that changed home gaming as we know it. I didn't take it from a website or anything like that These are games that I've played that I felt deserved to be on the list. If I left out a game that. If you want to skip right to the cream of the crop, we've also got a list of the best games. Street Fighter Alpha 2 - PlayStation. Lunar, along with its sequel Eternal Blue, and Konami's Snatcher made buying the Sega CD worthwhile. Like most of my lists, this is all based on personal preference. We were left with ec test one choice: In fact, the experience was so good that I immediately started playing the game again once the ending was completely finished. Naughty Dog tried the racing genre again with Jak X, but it just wasn't the .


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